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Vertical Machining Center


Description VMC-650L VMC-850L VMC-1010
Table Size, mm 800 x 450 1000 x 450 1200 x 450
Max. Table Load, kgs 450 500 600
T-Slot Number 3 3 5
T-Slot Pitch 125 125 75
T-Slot Width, mm 18
Spindle Speed, rpm 8000
Spindle Motor 15 HP (30 min)
Spindle Diameter, mm Dia. 100
Spindle Taper BT40 (OPT. CAT-40 / DIN69871)
X Axis, mm 650 850 1010
Y axis, mm 500
Z axis, mm 520
Spindle Nose To Table, mm 120 ~ 640
Spindle Center To Column Front, mm 540
Table Center, mm 290 ~ 790
Feed rate
Rapid Feed Rate (X / Y), mm / min 30000 (linear guide way) 20000 (box way)
Rapid Feed Rate (Z), mm / min 20000 (linear guide way) 20000 (box way)
Cutting Feed Rate, mm / min 1 - 10000 1 - 8000
Automatic tool changer
MAG Type Arm Type / Armless Type (OPT)
Tool Storage Capacity (pcs) 24
Max. Tool Diameter, mm 100 / 90
Max. Tool Length, mm 250
Max. Tool Weight, kgs 8

*The Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

VMC Series Feature

  • StructureConstructed by high quality robust Meehanite castings, and treated by tempering process to increase stability, CNC-TAKANG Machining Centers provide the best stability and the lowest vibration.
  • SlidewaysThe 3 axes slideways are hardened and precision ground, and sliding cover surfaces are coated with Teflon. The rapid feedrate of 3axes is up to 16 M/min.
  • CouplingsDirectly connected with ballscrew and AC servo motors, the high precision coupling offers the best rigidity and keeps the accuracy of axial linear assembly under high speed movement.
  • Ballscrew3 axes are equipped with 40mm diameter C3 class high precision ballscrews, mounted with double ballscrew support bearings (P4 class), ensuring high positioning accuracy and durability.
  • Automatic Lubrication SystemThe Lubrication System automatically measures and accurately distributed the oil to the slide ways, ballscews and bearings.

VMC-850L / 1010

Gear Box

The gear box offers high torque and provides heavy cutting capability. (option)

20 Tools Armless Type ATC

The 20-Tool Armless Type ATC simplified magazine construction, safety, easy for maintenance and trouble free operation.

24 Tools Arm Type ATC

The 24-Tool arm type ATC is activated by electric motor transmitted by U-cam mechanism, featured with the fastest tool change speed. (option)

Ball Bar Circle Inspection

The reference data of ball bar circle testing identifies geometric errors of circular path.

Additional Chips Flushing Nozzles

Additional coolant flushing nozzles on rear inner wall of guard prevent jam of chips during operation. (option)

Screw Type Chip Conveyor

The screw type chip conveyor device in the front side of machine removes chips efficiently. (option)


Model A B C
VMC-650L 3650 mm (144") 2900 mm (114") 2700 mm (106")
VMC-850L 4000 mm (157") 3500 mm (138") 2700 mm (106")
VMC-1010 4000 mm (157") 3500 mm (138") 2700 mm (106")

Dynamic Vibration

Noise Test

Vibration Test

Coolants Jets Around Spinle

Improved cooling efficiency on workplace.

Right angle test on X and Y axes

Laser Inspection

Standard Accessories

  • Mitsubishi M80 controller
  • Arm type ATC 24T 
  • Spindle air blast
  • Coolant and auto lubrication system
  • Work light
  • Full enclosed splash guard
  • Rigid tapping
  • Floating tool clamp / unclamp system
  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
  • RS-232C
  • Leveling bolts and pads
  • Tool box and tools


  • Spindle speed 10000rpm
  • Spindle speed 12000rpm
  • Spindle speed 12000rpm (Built-in type)
  • Spindle speed 20000rpm (Built-in type)
  • Other controller selection
  • Coolant through spindle
  • Chip conveyor
  • CNC rotary table
  • Flushing system
  • Transformer
  • CE mark