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Boring Machine


  • High accuracy, high quality, high rigidity
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Spindle made in house
  • Ideal for fabricating molds
  • High efficiency
Description CBA-110B CBA-110R2 CBA-110R3
Main motor (cont. / 30 min) 22 / 26 kw
Spindle speed (Max.) 4000 / 2500 rpm 5 – 2000 rpm 5 – 2000 rpm
Spindle tapper ISO 50 / BT-50
Spindle diameter Dia. 110 mm
Spindle end diameter Dia. 215 mm
Max. spindle torque 910 Nm 1025 Nm 1025 Nm
Work table travel X axis
1500 mm 2000 mm 3000 mm
Spindle travel Y axis
1350 mm 1800 mm 2000 mm
Work table travel Z axis
1000 mm 1300 mm 1500 mm
Spindle travel W axis 400 / 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm
Rotary table
Table dimension 1250 x 1250 mm 1400 x 1600 mm 1600 x 1800 mm
T-slot 22 x 7 mm 22 x 9 mm 22 x 9 mm
Max. loading weight 4500 kg 8500 kg 10000 kg
Index 0.001° degree
Max. rotation diameter 1768 mm 2126mm 2408 mm
Table rotation speed 4 rpm 0.8 rpm 0.8 rpm
Rapid feed XYZW axis XYZ axis = 10000 / W axis = 3000 mm / min
Feed rate X / Y / Z axis 1 – 5000 mm / min
W axis 1 – 3000 mm / min
Power capacity 80 100 100
Machine dimension (L x W x H) 7355 x 4500 x 3860 mm 5400 x 8350 x 4800 mm 6350 x 8900 x 4800 mm
Machine weight 17000 kg 29000 kg 32000 kg
Controller Fanuc / Siemens / Heidenhain

*The Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Fixed Column



High productivity.

The AC digital wrap around spindle drive and motor are more accurate and responsive than traditional analog spindle drives and motors.

The spindle performance is continuously monitored to provide the most efficient cutting conditions.

Each axis is independently controlled to provide maximum feed as required.

CBA Series box way

These highly rigid box way structures give you the very best machine durability.

The material is high-frequency-heat-treat for stress relief.

The 4-in-1 design for CBA-110R and CBA-110R2 bed slide ways enhance the cutting capabilities in the Z-axis.

Rotary table

This special combination of highly rigid box ways, ball screws, and worm gear automatic lubrication system provides a highly satisfying compact rotary table design.

With the Heidenhain angle encoder installed in the rotary table center shaft, combined with our specially designed hydraulic clamping system and positioning index pins, our machines can achieve any cutting angle.

Reinforced heavy cutting angles at 0°, 90°, 180°and 270° are included features.

Hence resulting in superior accuracy and cutting efficiency.

Ease of operation

Fanuc, Siemens, and Heidenhain control panels are available options.

These value added features will enhance your working capability, efficiency, and much more.

We are sure that you will be very satisfied with the high level of quality and improved machine performance.

High precision slide ways

Our auto grease lubricating system provides several advantages for the overall machine capability.

It not only maintains high accuracy during the long working hours, but also functions perfectly with low speed machining.

The high precision ball screw axis transmission provides superior machine stability resulting in highly accurate work pieces.

The CBA-110R3 provides 2 additional linear slide ways to enhance durability and eliminate unwanted deflection.

This significantly improves machine cutting accuracy.

Face plate FH-500

U axis travel : 160mm

Spindle support

Length (mm)

Automatic tool changer (Optional accessories)
Tool capacity 24 / 32 / 40 / 60
Tool shank MAS 403 BT-50
Pull stud MAS 403 P50T-1
Tool weight 25 kg
Max. tool length 300 mm
Max. tool diameter Dia. 125 mm (Dia. 250 mm)


Dia. 110mm

Power spindle

The specially designed spindle outer ring cooling system maintains constant bearing accuracy under normal operating conditions.

This gear type auto-shift design and grease lubrication system also provides superior machine performance and reliability.

The spindle and boring bar are made of SACM645 alloy.

The spindle has been Nitrided to HRC62~68.

This hardness maintains spindle form and insures high reliability.

This increased rigidity increases the overall machine capability.

We use the very highest quality spindle Bearings from SKF and NSK.

These high quality bearings insure machine consistency and a longer machine life.

Standard Accessories

  • Tools and tool box
  • Foundation screws and bolts
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Spindle box vertical movement counter weight
  • Work lamp
  • Electronic cabinet cooler
  • X axis dust cover
  • Y axis dust cover
  • Z axis dust cover
  • MPG (manual pause generator)
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Screw chip conveyor
  • Steel belt chip conveyor with cart


  • ATC (automatic tool changer)
  • Coolant through spindle
  • Linear scale
  • Spindle support
  • Face plate
  • Transformer
  • Splash guard for rotary table
  • Splash guard for operator
  • Work piece measuring device